Communications Guide

The University of California, Santa Cruz will coordinate communications for the Genome 10K Project, adhering to a team approach to ensure that the contributions of the project leaders and their institutions are represented. Our hope is to facilitate cohesive, accurate reporting of the project and to ensure that any embargoes related to journal publications are honored.


Through the Center for Biomolecular Science & Engineering and the Jack Baskin School of Engineering, UCSC offers these components to ensure seamless communications for the Genome 10K project:

  • Boilerplate text to add to press releases and other communications that gives an overview of the project and its origins and aims
  • Press releases and targeted media outreach
  • A graphic identity; we commissioned the logo you see here
  • A web site for use by all participants and contributors
  • A written history of the conference and its results, capturing the perspectives of conference leaders and participants.


If your institution plans media coverage of your participation in the Genome 10K project, please have them contact us to coordinate:

  • Tim Stephens, Public Information Office, UCSC
    , phone: 00 1 831 459 4352
  • Branwyn Wagman, Center for Biomolecular Science & Engineering, UCSC
    , phone: 00 1 831 459 3077

If you have questions, please contact Branwyn Wagman (). Thank you again for being a part of the Genome 10K project.

2011 G10K Supporters

  • California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences (QB3)
  • American Genetic Association (AGA)
  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI)
  • Illumina
  • Life Technologies
  • The Wellcome Trust
  • Genome Canada